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 Rules for the gang.

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Ryder leader

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PostSubject: Rules for the gang.   Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:07 am

1. Always obey the ArgoanthRPG rules. Can be found at :http://www.argonathrpg.eu/forum/index.php

2. Always wear the [RR] tag whilst playing ArgonathRPG Vice city.

3. There will be a 3 chance warning system, anybody breaking rules will get a warning, if you reach 3 warnings you will be kicked out of the gang, and you will need to re-apply if you wish to join again.

4. Do not start "war" on other gangs/clans OR fight other gangs/clans unless told to by your leader or co-leader.

5. As a biker gang, our first choice of transport will be bikes. Bikes allowed : Angle, sanchez, PCJ 600. No faggios.

6. Do not apply for other groups. E.g ARPD.
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Rules for the gang.
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